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Nose Cut - by Monkey

Night...draped over the sleeping Earth like a huge eternal bedspread
The moon provides crystal clear visions of beauty despite the blur of time.
unfogged untainted love surrounds her face with her hair flowing like a timeless ancient river.
Rushing thoughts and stale memories surround our love
She strokes my cock gently like the morning sun caressing the dew-covered Earth.
I ask her if she'll sit on my face and let me tongue-fuck her while she plays with her clit, she complies.
Her womanly juices coat my mouth and face. Flowing. Timeless.
A sweet aroma of womanly beauty. Ancient yet new and exciting. Carnal.
Her sweet fingers work over her clit and her crimson painted fingernail is scratching my nose but she doesn't realize it.
That hurts. Madness risen from Hell. Pain. Slicing, skin cells screaming silently.
I try and move my face away but she is now riding it.
Heaving breath and gasps from her mouth above me warn me she is close. Like a distant crash of thunder on the prairie warns of an afternoon storm.
Rhythm of love. Nightfall. Panting. Won't this bitch either cum or is her flying fingernail going to scar me for life.
She screams out. Ecstasy. Pure. I scream out. Painful. Primal.
Then silence falls upon the night as she collapses off of me onto the bed.
Silence heavy like the wool of an old sweater finally fills the room.
Rushing in the heavy darkness for the bathroom mirror I find a familiar face staring back at me. A face coated in still-fresh juices and sure as fuck there's a scratch on my nose from her stupid Lee Nails.


October 15th, 2009 

If I ever commit suicide, I'm going to swan dive off of an interstate overpass, that way, weary travelers would say "Holy FUCK! A guy just dived into the freeway!" - this will get them all excited, and more importantly, wake them up so they don't fall asleep at the wheel, that way, my death may save other lives.
I think it would suck if you were a serial killer and you stabbed someone 47 times because you wanted the press and the police to call you "The 47 Killer" or some other cool serial killer nickname, but you accidentally stabbed someone in the same place twice, and so when they counted they only counted 46 stabs - so you don't get the credit, and you now look like an idiot. Way to go idiot.


October 5th I think 

Today's blog is dedicated to all you women who realize to some guys your ASS and all involved are just as hot as the rest of your sweet parts. (Damn!)
My girlfriend knows astrology and she said I was a Scorpio, a DOUBLE-Scorpio, and therefore this explains my super-freaky high sex drive. I told her I was a Scorpio with a penis rising. (I guess we're immature also)
I think there's two parts of homeschooling that would really really suck;
1) You feel kind of bad when you start having hot teacher-student fantasies and popping a woody in class 'cause that's your mother man!
2) You can't really go in the bathroom and smoke some Chronic like at a regular school.


Today's October something 

Today's blog is dedicated to that lady down the street with all the cats.
I think if a meth cook moved in a few doors down in your neighborhood, instead of bringing over some flowers or cookies for a "welcome to the neighborhood" present it'd be better if you just took your lazy ass over there to say hello and brought over all the sudafed in your house.
I think it'd be confusing if you were locked up in a mental institution and you became really good at dipping your finger in feces and drawing on your walls of your cell and the guards and other patients would say "That looks like shit!" - are they talking about your art or how you did it? This would drive you even further crazy trying to figure this out and you might end up in there even longer buddy boy!


October 2nd, 1979 

Today's blog is dedicated to all you Monkey Cage readers who have wondered where the Monkey went. Good question. Starting off slow but gonna get this thing rollin'!
I think if you were one of those mystical magical gurus from India and you were constantly talking about opening your students brown eye instead of their third eye you may lose some "customers"
Monkey Tip of the Day: Why spend all that money on CD burners? Just put the CD into your toaster - they fit in there well and it works!


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